Training Schedule

Applying Air Bearing Technology


June 4, 2014

Learn the future of Air Bearings and their capabilities and how they could work for your application.  Stop in for hands on demos with applications engineer Rich Hesse, from New Way Air Bearings, showing demonstrations and teaching the air bearing technology.  This will be an open door event with no lectures or presentations - come in any time from 9:30 to 12:30 to see demos and ask any questions or talk about your application.


Programmable MotionTraining for Non-Programmers (and those who just like things simple!)

Learn the following through hands-on training:

 -Simple Move (i.e. Indexing)
-Out & Back Move (i.e. Lane Diverter)
-Out & Back Move w/Output (i.e. Vertical Axis or Pick & Place
-Wait until Input (i.e. Part secured in gripper)
-Position Triggered Output (PTO) (i.e. Turn on Vacuum in advance of    end of motion)
-Selecting & Initiating moves using Serial commands instead of Digital I/O  (i.e. Touchscreen od PLC Command)
-Variables  (i.e. Move Distance, Velocity)
-Affordable, easy to use, Multi-Drive Communication
-Servo & Stepper Drives share a common set up, network  (i.e.  Mix & match motors, program & command all w/ease)


June 18th               Chicago, IL  
July 23rd                Bloomington, MN
August 6th             Chicago, IL 
September 24th      Chicago, IL  
October 22nd          Bloomington, MN
November 19th       Chicago, IL  
December 10th       Bloomington, MN


Time: 9:30-12:30

Cost: $60/attendee (lunch provided)

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Contact us for more information: 651-489-7489 or