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Apex Dynamics Servo-grade planetary gearheads, Shaft, Flange, PowerPulley output formats
Baldor Servo, Inverter & Vector Duty Motors & Drives
Bell-Everman Vacuum Compatible Linear Stages, Linear and rotary precision stages and belt driven actuators. Custom stage designs.
CMC Brushless Servo Motors, Brush DC Motors, Stainless Motors, Motor Part Sets & Custom Motors
Copley Controls Servo and stepper drive technology leader. Panel and PCB mountable drives. Ruggedized drives for extreme environments. Linear Motors & Actuators.
Cymatix Instrument Grade Brushless Servo Motors, NEMA 17,23, and 34 Frames.
Delta Tau Data Systems Multi-Axis Motion Controls, CNC Controls, Digital Servo Drives
Dunkermotoren Linear motors and Actuators, Brush and brushless motors with integrated gearheads and drive/controls as options
Exor Operator Interface Terminals & Handheld Pendants
Fagor Automation Linear and rotary encoders. Absolute and incremental.
Fuji HMI Panels and Pendants
Infranor Brushless Servo Motors (slotted & Slotless), Amplifiers, Brush DC motors, Pancake Motors, Special and Custom Motors
Rollon Precision Stages, Linear Actuators, Belt Driven Actuators, Linear Bearings & Telescopic Rails
New Way Bearings Air Bearing Components and Stages
PBA Systems Voice Coil Motors and Actuators, Linear Motors, Precision Stages (linear & rotary)
Parker Motion

Stepper Motors, Brushless Servo Motors, Brush DC Motors, Brushless Linear motor, Indexing Drives, Multi-Axis Motion Controllers, Stand alone Motion Controllers, Brush DC Drives, Brushless DC Drives, Stepper DrivesPrecision Linear Stages, Precision Rotary Stages, Linear Motor Actuators & Belt Track Actuators

Parker SSD AC and DC drives and drive sys tem to 2500 HP (formerly Eurotherm drives)
Quantum Devices Rotary Encoders
Sanyo Denki Servo & Step Motors & Drives
Siko Magnetic Linear Encoders
Soyo Step Motors, Brushless Motors
TR Electronics Rotary and Linear Encoders. Absolute & Incremental. EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, SIN/COS, Analog, FieldBus.
Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Range Sensors, Motion Sensors, Light Curtains

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